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Custom Shower Insert

Custom Shower Insert

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Used to raise the internal level of a shower, to meet the outside threshold step height. A rubber ramp is placed in front to create a smooth transition into the shower.

Customisable for most bathrooms - Level Shower Inserts can be made for square or curved showers. Most showers can be made level, but sometimes there is not enough space within the bathroom for a ramp.

No permanent fixings - Adjustable rubber feet keep the insert firmly in place. Usually the shower doors can remain, however if space is limited we can replace the glass doors with a hanging shower curtain.

Easy access to drain for cleaning - The drain can be accessed from the large lift-up trap door. This makes cleaning the shower base easy without the need to remove the shower insert regularly.

Smooth tapered rubber ramp - We can custom manufacture the rubber lead up ramp to suit the available space.

Easily removable for cleaning - The shower insert can be completely removed from the shower as often as necessary without tools.

Powder coated finish - White.

Basic measurements required for quote request.

Depth of shower - see site visit sheet link for more detail.

Size of shower tray (approximately is good enough).

Good photos Three photos - inside the shower, outside looking at the shower and an overall view of the bathroom.

Our quote will include a site visit to accurately measure the shower and bathroom for the external rubber ramp.  So long as we have the depth measurement and rough dimension we can supply the overall price.

We wait until the quote is approved with a purchase order before doing the site visit.  Our lead-time from the site visit is approximately 1 month.

Here's what some of our customers say:

I want to thank the team at Able Axcess for their prompt, professional service. I can highly recommend them. What an awesome team. The ramp was put up in no time and now Tom has easy access to get outside without any worries about stairs. Thank you.

Sarah, Auckland