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See the answers to common questions below. If you still have a question then please contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Aluminium Modular Ramps

A 1:12 gradient is the recommended slope for a ramp. So if the ramp needs to climb to a 1 meter high platform, then 12 meters of sloping ramp is required.
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No. Steps remain in place and the ramp can fit over the existing environment.
A frost-proof rubber matting is available for frosty or icy environments, or high quality Autex outdoor carpet for high temperature environments.
Able Axcess ramps can be completely removed after use. Simply ring us on 0800 436 773 and we will look after the admin. We will visit the site, remove the ramp and make good to a pre-install condition. After dismantling the ramp and returning to our workshop, the ramps are steam cleaned and checked for quality issues. The components are then re-used on the next available ramp installation.
Once our installer arrives on site, depending on the size of the ramp, it will typically take about 2 - 4 hours to be installed. Please contact us as soon as possible if you have an urgent request.

Rubber Threshold Ramps

Yes. We manufacture all products in house, we can custom make any size or shape. Click here to request a quote or send us an order.
Our ramps are made from recycled car tyres. The tyres are ground up to a fine crumb. The rubber crumb is mixed with a urethane glue and compact the mixture into a mold. The ramp cured overnight and a durable product is created. Should the ramp become unwanted in future, the ramp can be reground and used again and again to make more ramp products
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5-10 working days to manufacture and cure, plus shipping.
Smaller ones aren’t so heavy but because they’re made of solid rubber for durability larger ones can be heavy. We have developed techniques to reduce the weight of very large ramps.
Not usually, the rubber is very heavy and grippy. With general use the rubber ramp will stay in place without glue or screws. However we can supply adhesive to fix permanently if there is a chance the ramp could be moved or tampered with.
Take a look at our planning sheet for measuring a rubber ramp. If you are unable to measure the door yourself, contact us to find out if we are scheduled to be in your area. We may be able to stop by and get the measurements, however this may cost extra depending on the urgency and your location.

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