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65mm High x 600 Long - Standard Threshold Ramp - WEDG65

65mm High x 600 Long - Standard Threshold Ramp - WEDG65

$235.75 inc. GST

Dimensions: 65mm High x 600 Long x 800 Wide

Don't kick the door! The 65mm high ramp is an ideal fix for the small lip on the inside or outside of your threshold or doorway. Made from recycled rubber and polyurethane for a durable, safe, non-toxic product that is designed to save you from tripping or kicking the small threshold lip. It also acts as a perfect ramp to make transitioning inside the home much safer and easier.

This ramp is 600mm long for a gentle gradient.

The base has a grippy texture meaning it doesn't need to be fixed down. Easily removable for cleaning etc.

Weatherproof - UV stable glue meaning no problem to keep it outside in the rain or sun.

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Here's what some of our customers say:

"The level shower insert has made a huge difference to my daily routine. It is easy to use and looks great. The installation was fast and hassle-free."

Mark, Christchurch