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Aluminium Modular Ramp System

Aluminium Modular Ramp System

Able Axcess produce the ultimate modular ramp system, which has totally revolutionized the New Zealand mobility access market. Manufactured in-house using locally sourced materials, its unique simplicity and load bearing strength allows it to adapt to countless ramp applications. Each ramp is configured for a specific site.  You can get pricing by requesting a quote below.

We have a team of fourteen installers constantly travelling the length of the country, dedicated to fitting and the removing our ramps. This way we guarantee the installation is to a safe and satisfactory standard, with a personal level of care.

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Level Platforms

Level platforms are essential at the top of a ramp before a doorway.  The door threshold should be level with the start of a ramp to give space to open and close the door.  Depending on the environment we can construct a timber platform on site or install a pre-made modular platform as below.

Corner Landing, 90 degree turning level platform, 1.2m x 1.2m
Double Landing, 180 degree turning level platform, 1.2m x 2m
Custom platforms to suit specific requirements can be manufactured.
Timber platforms Made on site to suit narrow porches.  Gives a smooth transition from ramp to the door threshold.

Straight Ramps

Straight ramps sections are readily available in the following lengths. All ramps are 900mm wide between curbs.

1m Long
1.2m Long
2m Long
2.4m Long

Ideal rise is based on a 1:12 gradient.  Ramp sections can be added together for larger rises.  For example; a 500mm rise will require 6m of ramp made up of 3 x 2m ramp sections.

Standard ramp external width 1050mm including feet and handrails.

Extra wide 1200mm options are available in all lengths and platforms. 1150mm internal width between kerbs, 1300mm total width.

Custom lengths and widths are available on request.

All ramps supplied with Handrails, Adjustable legs, Approach Ramp and Transition. Handrails can be omitted.


Modular Ramp Accessories.

Approach Ramp: Lead up ramp at base of Modular System, 900mm x 350mm

Transition: Attaches to top step to allow smooth transition from ramp, 900mm x 150mm

Adjustable Legs and Brackets, Fixed between modules to join multiple ramps.

Non-Slip Matting: Extra protection for safe access in frosty or icy environments.

Carpet Matting: Durable high quality Autex ribbed outdoor carpet. Gentle on the feet, great for indoor or outdoor use. Safe and friendly for young children.

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